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ZOO 4300 - Marine Biology and Oceanography F (3-3) [0.75]

This intensive two-week course is held in late August or early September before classes commence for the Fall semester. The course is held at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre, St. Andrews, New Brunswick. The ecology, behaviour, physiology, biochemistry, biomechanics of marine plants and animals will be studied as well as basic oceanographic techniques. Students will be able to familiarize themselves with the techniques and equipment involved in various branches of marine biology and oceanography. In addition to regular tuition fees, students are responsible for the cost of transportation to St. Andrews, and for charges levied by the Huntsman Marine Science Centre for room and board. These fees are paid to Student Finance and Awards of the University of Guelph. A department application form must be submitted for approval before course selection. The signature of the course coordinator is required to select the course. This course must be recorded as part of your Fall course selection and tuition and compulsory fees will be calculated accordingly. Students taking this course DO NOT use course numbers reserved for Ontario Universities Program in Field Biology.