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SOIL 4250 - Soils in the Landscape F (3-3) [0.50]

This course has field, laboratory and classroom components. It focuses on soil spatial and temporal variability, evaluating soil properties in relation to controlling factors and processes, on local to global scales. Students are exposed to standard procedures for collecting soil data in the field and laboratory, highlighting sampling design and data extrapolation, as well as relevant applications of digital imaging of soil (micropedology) and landscapes. Principles of soil classification are discussed and several systems are introduced, emphasizing the Canadian System of Soil Classification; key concepts associated with the production of soil maps and reports, as well as the role of geographic information systems in archiving and interpreting soil information, are also examined. Students are required to notify the designated departmental instructor, of their intention to participate in this course, during the previous winter semester (or earlier, if going on exchange programs). This course has field camps which run during the week preceding the Fall semester. A fee is charged to cover some costs of field activities.