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PHYS 1020 - Introductory Physics F,W (3-2) [0.50]

This course stresses the fundamental properties of particles and waves, designed for students without 4U Physics or equivalent. Topics include: the motion of particles, force, field, momentum, energy and associated conservation laws; basic interactions between particles; properties of waves. It is expected that students will have completed Grade 11 or 3U Physics and at least 1 4U mathematics credit. This course is intended only for students who require the equivalent of 4U Physics in order to proceed to PHYS*1000, PHYS*1010, PHYS*1070, PHYS*1080, PHYS*1130, PHYS*2040 . Students may not take this course for credit if they have passed 4U or OAC Physics (or equivalent). (Also offered through Distance Education format.)