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HK 4371 - Research in Human Biology and Nutritional Sciences II S,F,W (0-6) [0.50]

First part of the two-semester course HK*4371/2. The student will select a research topic and design and complete a project in an area of interest, in consultation with a faculty advisor. This is a two-semester course offered over consecutive semesters. When you select it you must select HK*4371 in the first semester and HK*4372 in the second semester. A grade will not be assigned to HK*4371 until HK*4372 has been completed. Students must make arrangements with both a faculty advisor and the course coordinator at least one semester in advance and the signature of the course coordinator will be required to select the course. A departmental registration form must be obtained from the course coordinator and submitted no later than the second class day of the semester in which the student is registered for the course.