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EURO 4740 - Research Project in European Studies F,W (3-0) [0.50]

An independent study course that requires a research project on an aspect of European Studies. The topic must be approved by the Coordinator of the European Studies Program. Research is undertaken with the guidance of a faculty advisor, and seminar presentations will be included. A final research paper must be written in the student's chosen core language. Note: In order to demonstrate language proficiency and complete the requirements of EURO*4740, students have another option. They may choose to spend their third year studying at a European university, in the country where their chosen core language is spoken. Those who can demonstrate that they have successfully written a major academic paper or exam in their chosen core language while registered in a course at a European university as part of their approved study year will be waived from EURO*4740. See the Coordinator for the European Studies program for more information.