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ENVB 4260 - Field Entomology F,W (1-6) [0.50]

This course is taught in late April or May. Students may enroll in either the preceding Winter semester or following Fall semester. The course provides an introduction to insect sampling, observation, identification, and experimentation in field settings. Student activities are divided equally between observing, collecting and identifying specimens from more than 20 families and an experimental component involving one or more studies to test hypotheses about the ecology or behaviour of insects. There are occasional lectures and discussions to highlight particularly interesting observations of insects. Student evaluation is based on the student's insect collection and associated logbook, a written paper describing their experiment, contributions to class discussions and activities, and peer evaluation. The field site is generally in the USA or South America. Course fees cover costs of room, board, supplies, and transportation to the field site(s). This course must be recorded as part of the student's Fall or Winter course selection and tuition and compulsory fees will be calculated accordingly. Detailed information is available from the Office of the Director - School of Environmental Sciences.