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ENGL 1080 - Literatures in English I: Reading the Past F,W (3-0) [0.50]

This course is focused on the disciplinary skill of close reading and is intended for students planning to specialize in the study of English Literature. Through a series of case studies, the course introduces students to a range of historical and national writings in prose, poetry, and drama, and to some of the key terms and concepts in contemporary literary studies. Lectures and discussions address selected works from the Middle Ages onwards, the periods in which these works were produced, and some of the ways in which these texts have been or could be interpreted. ENGL*1080 and its companion course, ENGL*2080, are required for a major or minor in English. Students are encouraged to enrol in ENGL*2080 in the semester after they have completed ENGL*1080. Reading-and writing-intensive course.