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STAT 2080 - Introductory Applied Statistics I F (3-2) [0.50]

The topics covered in this course include: Frequency distributions, graphing and tabulation of data; measures of central tendency, variability and association; elementary probability; hypothesis testing and confidence intervals; basic concepts of experimental design; treatment designs; simple linear regression and correlation. Examples come from a variety of disciplines, including family studies, education, marketing, medicine, psychology and sociology.

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Posted By : Anonymous
Posted On : March 11, 2012

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Professor : Ali

Comment :
need the text for the assignments only, and some people didnt like the teacher, but I found her pretty good, the last 3rd of the course gets substantially harder, and it all builds especially through stats 2090 so make sure to get help if you start to get confused on some of the later concepts. over alll the first 2/3rds of the course were quite easy
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