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SOIL 3080 - Soil and Water Conservation S,F (2-3) [0.50]

A lecture-demonstration course on the processes leading to deterioration of soil and water quality, the impact of deterioration on use, and preventative or corrective measures. Soil erosion by water and wind, soil compaction and salinization. Drainage channel maintenance, sedimentation and nutrient enrichment of water. Conservation programs and policies. Reclamation of severely disturbed soils and saline-sodic soils. Emphasis will be on concepts and solutions to problems in a systems approach. (Also offered through Distance Education format.)

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Posted By : Anonymous
Posted On : January 7, 2011

Comment :
I enjoyed this course because the topics you learn about can be seen in everyday life. I took it DE and actually think I would have preferred to have done so even if given the option to have lecture. The project for this course is very cool - you get to go to a farm and take erosion measurements. In general I would suggest this to anyone who is even slightly interested in soil as it gives a whole different perspective on the topic.
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