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SART 4750 - Specialized Studio Practice I F (0-6) [1.50]

This is an advanced and specialized course in individual studio work, which affords students opportunities for interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches and oversees the development of independent study strategies. Students will research and complete a major self-directed project. This course is not intended for all Honours students. This course is intended to assist in the preparation for graduate school and professional activities in the Arts.

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Posted By : D'Arcy Flynn
Posted On : October 13, 2011

Is the textbook recommended by the student? No
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Professor : Monica Tap & Christian Giroux

Comment :
The professors may change but the course will always be as difficult as it sounds. You are in for an experience here - but thus far it seems well worth it. Be prepared to defend your work and justify what you do. Critiques are no laughing matter and the more critical you can be the better. Also, get used to massive & difficult readings each week.
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