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PSYC 3570 - The Psychology of Death and Dying U (3-0) [0.50]

An examination of theory, research, and issues in the psychology of death and dying. Emphasis is upon the cognitive operations used to process information about death and the influence of death constructs in daily life. Topics include the development of death concepts throughout the life-span, death anxiety in society, the needs of the dying person, the psychology of grieving, and unexpected losses such as deaths by suicide or miscarriage. (Offered through distance education format only.)

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Posted By : Melissa
Posted On : May 1, 2011

Comment :
Absolutely loved this class! Very interesting, and brought up alot of topics you don't really talk about every day. Highly recommend it, but there is a fair amount of reading, as its DE.
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Posted By : M
Posted On : March 25, 2011

Comment :
Pretty depressing, clearly from the title. But interesting all the same. I took mine DE. It's a lot of teaching yourself, but if you can manage it and it's of interest to you go for it. Midterms for DE were just discussions. One group assignment too, a research paper. And each person is marked separately. So not so bad!
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