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PSYC 3450 - Social and Personality Development U (3-0) [0.50]

An examination of research, methodological issues and theories concerning personality-social development. Topics may include temperament, imitation, parent-child interaction, and the development of attachments, sex-roles, morality, aggression and pro-social behaviour.

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Posted By : Stacey
Posted On : March 12, 2012

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Professor : Hennig

Comment :
Great professor, somewhat interesting content. If you're interested in relationships and the development of social skills and relationships over the lifespan then this course is for you. That being said, the professor does his best to keep things interesting and I really enjoyed his use of the "speak easy" not to mention all the short answer questions for the midterms/final are given well in advance and multiple choice are drawn from the study aid he gives you so if you study those you should do really well.
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Posted By : Em
Posted On : March 25, 2011

Comment :
Hennig is hilarious I don't care how many people complain about him talking about his kids too much. I say let him talk about his kids all day long. It's a fairly simple course, nothing too complicated, but all fairly interesting. 2 midterms. iClicker. journal reflection. discussion boards.
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