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PSYC 3410 - Behavioural Neuroscience II U (3-0) [0.50]

This course will focus on contemporary research and theory related to such selected topics as physiological correlates of memory, learning, motivation, emotion, stress, sensory and motor functions. Both the central and peripheral components of the nervous system will be examined in relation to the above.

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Posted By : E
Posted On : April 20, 2012

Is the textbook recommended by the student? Yes
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Professor : E. Choleris

Comment :
It's the continuation of PSYC*2410, studying the rest of the chapters of Pinel Biopsychology. In my opinion, if you're gonna take 2410, where you learn all the basics and lay the groundwork for the rest of neuroscience, you should take 3410, where you actually learn the interesting stuff. Units included memory, sleep, drugs and their effect on the brain, emotions etc... I loved the class because I found it really interesting. Choleris makes good slides - you probably don't have to go to class, but I did just because I liked the material so much. The exams are much harder than they were in 2410 though, so be careful. She introduces short answer to the tests (with the usual multiple choice) which can be a pain in the ass, because you can have a two mark question on something you know well and an 7 mark question on something that you barely studied. If you take good notes or read the textbook you'll be fine. For her short answer questions (at least the ones for more marks), she focuses more on important experiments that were done. Absolutely would recommend this course, even though it was my lowest mark of the semester.
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