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PSYC 3110 - Topics in Health Psychology U (3-0) [0.50]

This course covers research in health psychology. Possible topics include the interplay of psychosocial factors, behaviour, and physical health; pediatric health psychology; health interventions at the individual, family, group or community levels.

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Posted By : Anonymous
Posted On : May 8, 2011

Comment :
Massive amount of reading for this class. Each week is at least a chapter of textbook, and required journal reading. You have to do them to, he vaguely touches on parts and you need to read them for any info. An unfortunately quiet and monotone speaker. Also this is really more about procedure and politics of health industry, not how to use psychological interventions to help people.
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Posted By : M
Posted On : March 25, 2011

Comment :
The class is pretty good. A little dull, but I'm not that into health. The biggest assignment was an essay when I took it, worth 40% of your grade. And the midterm was solely short answers. So you might want to be prepared for that. Lectures were provided online and all in all were fairly comprehensive.
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