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POLS 2250 - Public Administration and Governance W (3-0) [0.50]

The course explores, from both practical and theoretical perspectives, planning and implementation of programs and services through government departments and agencies and 'alternative' processes and structures, sometimes involving non-governmental actors. The course critically evaluates the changing role of bureaucracy; financial and human resource management; and the evolving concepts of responsibility and accountability. (Also offered through Distance Education format.)

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Posted By : Anonymous
Posted On : April 14, 2012

Is the textbook recommended by the student? No
Did the student enjoy the professor? No

Professor : Nanita Mohan

Comment :
I took the online version of this course, there is a great deal of reading required, but the professor gives helpful information to go with it. If you read the textbook you will be able to do good in the course, there are online discussions that are fairly easy that are extremely easy to get 100% on. The material was a little dry at times, but mainly straight forward stuff.
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