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PHIL 2600 - Business and Professional Ethics W (3-0) [0.50]

This course examines ethical and evaluative issues relating to business and professional practices, and is intended for students registered in a science or professional program, but without a background in philosophy. Topics to be explored include the nature of values and ethical systems, duties and rights, private and public goods, the consumer movement, social marketing, corporate social accounting, private right and professional responsibility.

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Posted By : Anonymous
Posted On : March 12, 2012

Is the textbook recommended by the student? Yes
Did the student enjoy the professor? Yes

Professor : Reiner Schaefer

Comment :
The class isn't hard. 3 papers are due and an exam. I worked very hard on the first essay and only got a 70%. He expects deep thought in the papers. Get the textbook, you'll need to reference it word for word in every paper. He doesn't allow for secondary research so make sure you buy it. He posts all his slides on courselink and he doesn't deviate from them in class. He does class discussions and tries to get us to participate. Participation is not marked. Good Professor.
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