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NUTR 4090 - Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals W (3-0) [0.50]

The course examines the relation of functional foods and nutraceuticals (FFN) to foods and drugs. The safety and efficacy of individual FFN products, and the regulatory issues that influence the development and commercialization of FFN in global markets are emphasized. The course is co-operatively taught by the Department of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences and the Department of Food Science. (Also listed as FOOD*4090.)

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Posted By : Chelsea
Posted On : May 14, 2012

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Professor : Goff and Ritchie

Comment :
This year the course had new professors and the material was different than previous years. The material is really interesting and I have used a lot of it in my everyday life. It's also a good course to have if you plan on working in the FFN field. Beware of Goff teaching the lectures. He's a really nice guy but lacks the ability to keep students engaged. I often found myself not paying attention to him during the lectures. I did okay on the midterm but many people either did really terrible on it or failed. The midterm and the exam are long answer questions. The midterm I felt really rushed and wasn't able to answer all the question as throughly as I would have liked to. For the final, ample time was given. If your good at writing long answer questions and happen to provide the points they're looking for you can do well in this course. I wouldn't say this course is as easy as it previously was.
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Posted By : Anonymous
Posted On : April 5, 2011

Comment :
Easy course!
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