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HIST 4140 - Sexuality in the Middle Ages F (3-0) [1.00]

This course will provide a thematic approach to the foundations of western attitudes towards sex and sexuality as they developed in the European Middle Ages. It will examine the complex interweaving of Greek and Roman medicine, medieval Christian canon law and theology, and Germanic popular beliefs, which together provided the underpinnings of western values and practices pertaining to human sex and sexuality, with enduring results. The course will take an historiographical approach to topics and themes.

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Posted By : Cara
Posted On : March 2, 2011

Comment :
This is a really interesting fourth year seminar, unlike anything you've probably taken at Guelph before, since it focuses exclusively on historiography. Be prepared to research historians and understand their ideological perspectives, and be prepared to TALK. Professor Murray is hilarious, energetic, and extremely knowledgeable. The class was a lot of fun.
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Posted By : Nakedave
Posted On : January 10, 2011

Comment :
This course was a lot of fun but the content is not a main focus; instead you will be graded on Historigraphical analysis. Before the first week bone up on social movements and prepare to research historians; you will need to find reasons for their different interpretations.
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