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HIST 3450 - The Uses of History U (2-1) [0.50]

As an introduction to the use of history outside the classroom, this course discusses public history and memory through the activities of governments, corporations, and voluntary associations. History as political propaganda, marketing strategy, and ideological support in a global and historical context is examined. Discussions will focus on history as presented in films, television, monuments, museums, commemorations, and other public and popular media.

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Posted By : A.
Posted On : March 23, 2012

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Professor : Elaine Young

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When I took this the prof was a PhD student. She was good, but obviously new to teaching. The nice thing was there were no textbooks (all articles online), but the readings were quite extensive and tedious. Marked on participation, short essay, major essay, and final exam. This course is really interesting because it is so different from other history courses. Topics included historical monuments, re-enactments, film, museums, games, wikipedia, tourism, etc.
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Posted By : C
Posted On : March 2, 2011

Comment :
This class is really unique since it deals with public history, something that doesn't get discussed very often in other history classes. Professor Gordon is very knowledgeable on the topic and his lectures are great (proven by the fact that people still come to class even though there's no midterm or exam). The major assignment is a group project where you design a museum gallery and an individual essay where you write about it.
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