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GEOG 3420 - Remote Sensing of the Environment W (2-3) [0.50]

This course explores the nature and acquisition of remotely sensed imagery, and provides students with the technical expertise required to process and interpret this type of digital data. The application of digital image processing techniques to analyzing geographic problems is stressed, and its integration in a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) environmental is demonstrated.

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Posted By : Anonymous
Posted On : April 21, 2011

Comment :
This course was o.k. This is a type of course that should be taught with a lot more hands in and less lecture but that's tough to do in university. The prof I had, Janet Mersey is pretty good. The labs to require a lot of time, like ~ 5 hours each and they're due every other week. The midterm and final can be pretty tough because she asks a lot of details information, so just make sure to study :) It's a useful course that you can even use to get a summer job/co-op placement.
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