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FOOD 3260 - Industrial Microbiology W (3-3) [0.50]

The course will present microbiological and technological principles of the industrial application of microorganisms followed by specific examples. Lectures will cover the basics of metabolic pathways and how these can be manipulated through natural selection or genetic engineering to increase productivity. The main focus of the course will be in the production of alcoholic beverages but will also include production of biomass, solvents and organic acids of direct relevance to the food industry. The laboratory component of the course will include water testing, genetic engineering techniques, fermentation optimization and monitoring. Field trips to a commercial vineyard and brewery will also aid the learning experience.

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Posted By : Anonymous
Posted On : April 17, 2012

Is the textbook recommended by the student? No
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Professor : Keith Warriner

Comment :
Great course! The processes of brewing and wine making are heavily emphasized and reinforced by field trips to a Niagara winery and Sleemans brewery. Wine and beer tastings also add to the practical aspects of the course. Warriner is the primary prof but he brings in guest speakers for the wine and beer sections. The material is interesting and he is really good about incorporating the practical, industrial and economic significance of the processes. There are only three labs, despite them being listed as every week and neither the lab nor the write-up is difficult. Also, there is no textbook.
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