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ENVB 3000 - Nature Interpretation F,W (2-3) [0.50]

An exploration of communication and experiential learning theories and their application to natural history interpretation and environmental education program design. Students will develop and present interpretive materials and a program within the context of the existing nature interpretation program at The Arboretum. (Also offered through Distance Education format.)

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Posted By : Anonymous
Posted On : December 12, 2011

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Not a terrible course. The prof is really nice, he's a cool and interesting person. I took it in class not DE, lectures were pretty dry. Though, there were only two lectures a week and one of them was optional. Workshops/Labs are fun, you get to go on a few walks and to the art museum on campus to learn more about interpretation and tips on how to give one. This all becomes useful for the final project to give a interpretive nature walk to an organized group. There are some writing assignments which can be pretty time consuming, a midterm and the project which includes a self assessment due during the exam period. Overall, I didn't mind it, I feel like it might be a better class to take DE? I personally found the assignments were a bit too much to take on when you have other more demanding courses.
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