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ENGL 1080 - Literatures in English I: Reading the Past F,W (3-0) [0.50]

This course is focused on the disciplinary skill of close reading and is intended for students planning to specialize in the study of English Literature. Through a series of case studies, the course introduces students to a range of historical and national writings in prose, poetry, and drama, and to some of the key terms and concepts in contemporary literary studies. Lectures and discussions address selected works from the Middle Ages onwards, the periods in which these works were produced, and some of the ways in which these texts have been or could be interpreted. ENGL*1080 and its companion course, ENGL*2080, are required for a major or minor in English. Students are encouraged to enrol in ENGL*2080 in the semester after they have completed ENGL*1080. Reading-and writing-intensive course.

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Posted By : Anonymous
Posted On : March 12, 2011

Comment :
1080 is a great course. It really emphasizes what you learned in grade 12 and elaborates on it. It gets you to analyze literature but it is still fairly easy to do well. This is a mandatory course for all English majors, so regardless those people will have to take it. Dr.Hadfield was a great prof for this class. She was a fair marker and is really passionate about the course. She doesn't talk down to students and accepts all opinions and views. In seminar (and also lecture...) there is a lot of opportunity to get involved in discussion but for those who do not like to give their opinion in front of the class, it's not akward and she definitly does not put anyone on the spot! Great class!!
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Posted By : JoJo
Posted On : January 9, 2011

Comment :
I really enjoyed this course with Powell as my prof (he's a little bit mean with the intention of being funny, I think, but if you can get over that you can really get into the discussions he starts up). This course revs up some very interesting questions about texts that would normally just be boring. It's a great course to start with asking the questions that you'll need to think about for later English courses.
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