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ECON 3720 - History of the World Economy Since 1850 U (3-0) [0.50]

Study of the evolution of the world economy since 1850. Topics may include the costs and benefits of empire to Britain, Anglo-German trade rivalry, the rise to prominence of 'settler colonies', economic growth in the Third World, reparations and war debt, agricultural overproduction, origins of the Great Depression, the 1945-1973 boom in world production and trade.

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Posted By : Anonymous
Posted On : November 30, -0001

Comment :
DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS! Especially if Inwood is teaching it. It used to be a requirement for international development students but you can substitute it with other courses. This class could be interesting but the way it is structured is awful. The assignments are vague, the marking is unfair and although you seem to understand the concepts, no one seems to do well.
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