Even a rat, when you hunt him and bring him to bay, looks you in the eye. Thus, it is no wonder that eyes have been the source of inspiration to poets, authors, and artists since time immemorial. But it is the soul that is the window. Cicero (106-43 B.C.) The eyes are the windows of the soul, and by extension the soul itself, so that to make a contract with one's soul so as to starve the world of any profit from it is … English Proverb . This life's dim windows of the soulDistorts the heavens from pole to poleAnd leads you to believe a lieWhen you see with, not through, the eye. Read these beautiful quotes on eyes with images and feel free to use them to praise the eyes of your beloved. 23 Beautiful Quotes on Eyes with Images 1. The eye is the window of the soul, the mouth the door. Law. Thou sun, of this great world both eye and soul. Patterns in the iris can give an indication of whether we are warm and trusting or neurotic and impulsive, research has found. But the proverb was known much earlier. They say that the eye is the window to the soul. “The proverb has been traced back in English to 'Regiment of Life' . The eyes of our souls only then begin to see, when our bodily eyes are closing. Luke 11:33-36 ESV / 39 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful “No one after lighting a lamp puts it in a cellar or under a basket, but on a stand, so that those who enter may see the light. “The eyes are the window of the soul.” – Traditional Proverb “The eyes can do a thousand things that the fingers can’t.” – Iranian Proverb “The face is the portrait of the mind; the eyes, its informers.” – Latin Proverb “The eyes of all cheats are full of tears.” – Bosnian Proverb Milton. The eyes really are a window to the soul, according to scientists. They show the truth, no matter what face we put on, in any situation. The eyes are the window of the soul. The intellect, the will, are seen in the eye; the emotions, sensibilities, and affections, in the mouth. The best way to get to know someone is to look them in the eyes and observe what they reveal about their emotional state. Our eyes don’t lie: they’re windows to the soul. William Shakespeare is credited for the commonly used phrase, The eyes are the window to the soul, that aptly captures the beauty of the human vulnerability, and also that really awkward feeling you get when your own eyes are being stared into. William Shakespeare once said “The Eyes are the window to your soul” Published on October 21, 2014 October 21, 2014 • 26 Likes • 3 Comments The animals look for man's intentions right into his eyes. Andrew Hamilton . The eyes are the window of the soul. Bible verses about Eyes Window Of The Soul.