HE/impeller and (some) current agitator toploaders may cause more fabric wear due to reduced water levels, compared to older agitator toploaders with which people are familiar. Nothing comes clean, and if I put one towel or one pair of jeans too many in, the top layer of clothes are still dry at the end of the cycle. HEY, it works great, clean clothes!! washer I'll get her one. This is good discussion! I guess every wash load will include an extra rinse and see why it was in stock everywhere and the price was dropped $250. I really like that on many cycles extra water is an option. It's an electronic pressure sensor integrated into the computer board. Loading laundry around the agitator in a balanced way is the key to the whole operation. They have two containers, one for washing and one for drying. Saves up-to 40% water than top load variety. Agitator washer would have been better than my current over priced pos! dianne47, thanks so much for the recommendation. ExpandAll(currDivIDToCreateIndexTree); Electrolux is the the parent company of Frigidaire. if( varUsePopup == 1 ) function fnTextDownloadItOne () It fully automates the washing process and require less human effort. For a conventional top-loader, don't load clothes above the agitator. The Frigidaire set is still going strong with no repairs. I love it. The fully automatic ones provide the best possible features and come in two flavors: Top loading and Front loading. We are aware there is a computer board, but it’s minimal, and comes with a 5 year warrantee. { I'm pessimistic about that answer. To recap the total relabeled cycles: 1 - wash, with adjusted water level to meet load size, (to much or to little water and the agitator is ineffective), with adjusted soap amounts to match water level. } And accordingly can be divided into below three basic types: Washer Only, Semi Automatic and Fully Automatic. typeof Custombox != 'undefined' && Custombox != null && currDivIDToCreateIndexTree = 'treeParent'; Armjim, she makes one trip to change the cycle to quick wash after the first 40 minute cycle has finished. I bought myself a Speed Queen top load for Christmas 2011. I read that agitators are hard on clothes, and that non agitator washers don't get clothes clean and leave them tangled. It allows to load from top at waist level, thus avoiding repetitive back-joint tensions. My clothes knot up on every setting. If your load is unbalanced, it can cause vibrations strong enough to actually move the machine, … ft, and wonder how she got it into a 5.0 cubic foot front loader, is it possible? Wash fill was 8" and added an extra 1" each time we hit deep fill for a total of 10 inches or about 1/2 full. }. We LOVE it! } I'm in the market for a new washer and want a top loader. This is trying to decide my method of execution, I don't want any, but I can't bear to watch my wife suffer looking through the glass of our worthless new impeller top loader machine we installed last week. 3 - Spin, which was once the last spin but now the spin between wash and rinse. 2. The only drawback of Speed Queen machines is that they are not very big, and they don't have steam in their top loaders/matching dryers. 2. //New They have dimensions similar to a dishwasher, so that they can be stored in a normal sized cabinet. The user has full control over the water supply. LG just came out with a top loader with a full size agitator that will fill with a full tub of water. So, my DH selected the speed queen. I got antsy for a new set and purchased a Frigidaire Affinity front load set in 2011. OnPageLoad( currDivIDToCreateIndexTree); Have you received it yet? A stainless steel drum interior ensures better care for the fabrics and durability of … Are you Looking for Apartment Size Washer and Dryer? Wish this thread existed when I bought my whirlpool TL in Feb. sendMail('txtLangInput'); Allow to save water. $("#IDCollapseAll").click( function( ){ CollapseAllOne ();} ); It offers all the features offered by an independent washer and an independent dryer. If I understand, she is hanging out nearby so she can go in and change cycles and reset the machine to what she wants for it to do. I'll let you know as soon as possible , deep rinse and extra rinse same cycle, got it. They have more complaints of musky and unpleasant smells coming out of washer after over time use. //New But what I do love is the ECM permanent magnet motor which uses 20% of the electricity as the old school machines. I never felt our laundry was clean. By continuing to browse, you are agreeing to our use of cookies and accept our terms and conditions: Factors to consider while buying a new washing machine, Your Guide to Buy Cheap and Best Automatic Washing Machine. We should take care of below points before finalizing the washer and dryer sets for compact size homes: ––Factors to consider while buying a new washing machine-Amount of money you want to spend on the washing machineWasher Only (Cheapest variety)Semiautomatic (Moderately priced variety)-Fully automatic (Costliest variety)Top loadingFront loading-Size and Placement of the Washing MachineForthcoming Washing RequirementsDimensions of the Washing MachineDirection of Door Motion-Specifications of the Washing MachineVoltage Requirement of the Washing MachineCompatibility with your existing Washer or DryerCompatibility with your existing Stacking KitAvailability of Ventilation in Your House-Efficiency of the Washing MachineEnergy EfficiencyWater Efficiency-Other features available in the washing machineAfter Sales SupportBody StrengthLid SafetyStability during the RunRPM of the Washing MachineSpeed and Setting OptionsFlexibilityNoiselessEase of OperationAutomatic DispenserAutomationTemperature ControlTimer ControlPre-Wash Feature-Factors to consider while buying a new Dryer-Amount of money you want to spend on the DryerVented dryers (Cheaper Variety)-Ventless dryers (Costlier Variety)Condenser DryersHeat pump Dryers-Other Features available in a DryerAuto-Sensing FeatureWall Mounted DryersStackable Dryers. } Bought a top load without an agitator about 5 years ago. One in the console that takes input from the controls and runs the cycle sequences and sends operational commands to a separate board in the base that functions as a power converter and operates the drive motor, pump, and water valves. I read good reviews on the LGs, and discussed brands with a very experienced appliances salesman. It's there to satisfy government water usage regulations. toggleTxtSectionClick ('hide'); Depending upon the level of sophistication and features provided, the washing machines become costlier. A $400. Ford Motor Company owned the Philco appliance brand for a while. They allow to simultaneously perform wash for some clothes and drying for some. They have bumps and ridges on the surface which needs for the clothes to be in physical contact with it for rubbing and vibrating cleaning action. noOfSecondsToHighlightSelectedHTag = 10; Thank you also dadoes, Love stone homes, armjim, and OldSchool88 for your responses - all helpful! The rinse cycles both filled to 13 1/2 inches. Top Load Washer Without Agitator found in: Classic Top Load Washer with Balance Technology and Durable Stainless Steel Tub - White, 28" 4.2 cu. Thanks for all the detailed information. Love stone homes, if your machine is an HE impeller type and you are using the bulky cycle, there is virtually no turnover of a normal load of laundry that isn't blankets or sheets. Here, clothes become more tangled during washing. I feel like I have to choose between not getting my whites clean enough or damaging my delicates, and that's a hard choice. HE top load washers come without an agitator so there's room for more laundry per load. Once the washing starts, additional clothes can not be added to the load. I have a lot more of a moldy smell issue with the top loader in my condo. I got dizzy reading what all your wife does to get clean clothes :o. I know this is an old post. I hope this is the case. Best Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine with Dryer, Best Mold and Mildew Cleaner for Washing Machine, How Long is Average Washing Machine Cycle, Best Compact Smallest Washing Machine Price. That is a pain in the #$%^. function closePopUp() { Relatively lower Electricity consumption. Also, the top loaders leave a lot more lint on things than the front loader did. It has a timer that enables to run a wash at a later time. And some of the twist spots (on clothes) are completely dry. It's easier on my back than trying to get stuff out of the top loading Kenmore I had before or the top loading one that came with my condo. Even a large load of laundry should not fill the washer tub more than three-quarters full. Top load TR5. This one is a whirlpool 4.7cubic with an agitator. My top loader locks the lid and won't let me open it once it starts, and on a couple of occasions has stayed locked after the load finished and wouldn't let me get it out. Of course now you have given me something else to look out for, a spin after the wash cycle/before the rinse cycle. 6.0 Cu. And many new agitator TL washers have issues with water conservation "features", cheap seals and transmissions that barely survive past warranty, etc. For a decade, our expert team has been testing trending washers in our appliance lab. //New And I can reach the bottom and the reviews seem ok, fingers crossed. Save $351.00 (33%) $ 698 00. It just sat for a while letting gravity drain the water, but maybe other cycles have a spin so we will see. 4. catch(err) {} I love it. And tub spins very fast with warm air to remove water from the clothes. $("#IDsendWhatsappShare").click( function( ){ sendWhatsappShareOne ();} ); $("#IDsendMail").click( function( ){ sendMailOne ();return false; } ); } See why, Green-blue cabinets, cement floor tiles and open shelving are among the most popular features of laundry rooms this year. Thereby they clean better, they can clean more stuff, and use less water compared to ft. Total Capacity and Top Load Washer, White ft. Top Load Washer with Deep Water Wash Option and PowerWash Cycle - White, 28&.. We moved to a new home 4 years ago and I opted for Whirlpool top loader without an agitator. My husband went to Lowes as I work nights. Thank you for that info. I just found out mine has no spin between wash and rinse for sure but if my wife likes it I'm happy. sendWhatsappShare('txtLangInput'); The wash action in an agitator top load machine works when the agitator rubs against clothes and generates cleaning action to loosen soils and penetrate clean water and detergent into the fabrics.In an impeller, high-efficiency (HE) top loader, the washing machine relies on drum motions choreographed to rub clothes against each other. hItemG = thisItem ; I appreciate your taking the time to explain. Later, in my own home I purchased a Maytag Neptune front loader. Very good advice about not all agitators created equal. $("#IDfnTextDownloadIt").click( function( ){ fnTextDownloadItOne();} ); Very good to know about current Speed Queens. They have tested more than hundreds of washer to figure out how well they remove stains, their usage of water, their energy efficiency and how gently they behave on our clothing. You are correct about certain boot designs having more issues than others, but I am hard pressed to see how so many people have issues with mold in their machines. He suggested I add water myself, using buckets filled from the bathtub. As a result the wash action in an HE, impeller top load washer is much more gentle co… This site uses cookies. BestAppliancesCheap, at all times, bears no liability towards You for any reason whatsoever regarding the use of the data and information contained herein in any way. ft.) 5.2. GE and Speed Queen were the best but I'm not done comparing brands. While these are fun to use occasionally, I don't use them for my daily driver. And, do not provide dryer feature. OpenPopup($('#treeParentParent').html()); This year I purchased a home in a suburb of Albuquerque and needed a new w/d set. The top-of-line model has touch-panel controls so no knob to turn at all. Of course most loads are only medium size. Can I install dryer vent next to outdoor electrical outlet? I finally realized recently I may have been putting a little too much detergent in- I either use Original Tide or Gain, and I noticed more bubbles in the rinse water than should be; right now I think it is my fault versus the powders I use. Powerwash(r) Agitator The Powerwash(r) Agitator Tackles Any Load Size With Both Efficient, Concentrated Cleaning To Fight Stubborn Stains And Robust Wash Action To Help Break Up Messes. I'm going to try to find out if the LG I'm considering spins out the final wash water or just drains it. $( document ).ready(function() { websiteNameToShare = 'BestAppliancesCheap.com'; // localtyping.com" We went with a speed queen. In a traditional washing machine, an agitator twists and turns laundry in a tub full of water to get it clean. try a grabber, etc. Agitator vs. Impeller: Which washes better? $("#IDExpandAll").click( function( ){ ExpandAllOne();} ); and deep fill witch adds approx. I'd never own a washer without and agitator. I have, however, used a newer GE top loader with an agitator. More adaptable. Washers with agitators are less expensive to purchase, but they cost more to operate. cycle and adjusts the detergent to the water level, with a deep fill requiring 5 times the recommended amount of soap, and one rinse. The brand should have a good warranty scheme and reliable after sales service. Very glad to hear the machine is quiet as my laundry is right off our kitchen. I use unscented detergent so for me, if clothes don't smell clean it means they do smell off or bad as normally they don't smell like anything while wet. Which model? When the water level is where you want it, turn the cycle knob all the way around (clockwise) to the start of the cycle. They have a single tub for doing only washing. ft. High-Efficiency Diamond Gray Top Load Washing Machine with Smart Dispense and Sanitize with Oxi, ENERGY STAR $ 698 00. And this 27-inch front Saves up-to 100% electricity than top load variety. function CollapseAllOne () We offer a wide selection, big savings, financing and free shipping. Yes to top load with agitator. Yep, new last week and it's being returned and will be picked up Tuesday, so we need to decide quick and pick the better of the worst. Have not seen any reviews on how good they are yet, but they seem promising. Best Top Load Washer With Agitator 2019 - Canada - Popular Search Terms. Wash your clothes with this Amana top-load washer. Thanks for being so helpful. { Disclaimer: Although we do our best to bring the most recent and correct data, we make absolutely no guarantees about the freshness or accuracy of the data and information we present. It works like a champ on small and extra large loads And everything in between. Frigidaire has been producing washers for upwards of 70 years. Impellers don't have fins that protrude upwards and outwards to roil the water quite as much as an agitator. These top-loaders take 60 to 80 minutes to wash a load, instead of front-loaders’ 75 to 120 minutes. The drum depth is 20" for reference, and the wash cycle added 7" of water or about 1/3 full. ExpandAll(currDivIDToCreateIndexTree); //setTimeout(function(){ OpenPopupChild('child description Onload'); }, //1100); I don't have a mold or smell problem but the washer just doesn't fill with enough water. If you add more detergent the so called efficient rinse (to save water) won't remove the soap, and if you add more water to the wash cycle with the recommended soap amount it won't be adequate to clean the clothes (dilution), AND the rinse still won't remove all the detergent, so they have us between a rock and a hard place. Standing on a step stool does nothing because my arms are still the same length. The spin was long, 16 minutes and included sensing time, but the spin was great and the sheets felt almost dry. Kevin9408, which GE washer do you have? 5. Thank you for the heads up on Whirlpool, doreycrouse. Frigidaire makes Insignia.....or should I say Midea makes both brands. We did not hold the deep fill button for 3 seconds to get max fill which is 26 gallons total. var txtTextBox = $('.classTxtNotes').val(); Only time I've used a laundrymat was for the dog bed and the king-size comforter from our bed. TC5, TR3, or TR5? } } 2. else //var popupDivContainerIDG = null ; Nash Motors owned Kelvinator. I kept it for 10 years and it performed flawlessly. The door is always left open, frequent hot washes, and correct dosing of detergent and fabric softener. Yes it will do Deep rinse and extra rinse together with both rinses in extra rinse mode. Being semi-automatic, they require manual effort. Interesting to know there are two boards. They don't have a mechanical water level switch. Turning to youtube I watched dozens of machines in action and I'm sure without a doubt impeller top loaders are one notch above worthless. I have never had great results with them, especially the newer ones. Sign up for best tips and offers on saving money on your next purchase. The clothes come out twisted. 4 - Pre-rinse which was the wash in the quick wash cycle. 3 extra gals of water. // $(".posts-entry" ).find("h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6").css('background-color','#ffff99'); The Amana top-load washer has a porcelain tub to … Top-loading, high-efficiency washers replace the agitator with low-profile wheels, discs, fins, cones or plates known as impellers. My DH research and picked this machine; I was happy to have a washing machine with an agitator that washed clothes thoroughly. 2. I have watched washers in action without agitators on Youtube and I can honestly say, you could do better with an old fashioned washboard. With my front loader the door is always open, I'm very careful with detergent, and do regular hot washes, but still have a mold problem. In other words, water has not even hit some areas of the clothing. Nash-Kelvinator merged with American Motors. I've had zero issues with the LG set after 8 months. After a longer research I came to the conclusion that the best Tricking the water level selector won't work on any current Speed Queen toploader for the home market. how to load a top load washer Load hard-to-move bulky items first for better interaction with the agitator or impeller. It's her thing, I can't help and she won't even let me help fold, but the little secret is I don't give a flip about washers, but don't tell my wife. She's been doing the same for the Maytag front loader we had for a decade or more adding an extra rinse and spin cycle after the first wash cycle. function ExpandAllOne () Top-load traditional washers are easy to work with, as you can casually add items in middle of a cycle, and you don't have to bend down to switch loads. var varUsePopup = 0 ; // 0 > false and 1 > true It is cheaper than the Front loading model. something that could outlast us. Custombox.modal.close(); They are the cheapest options available in the washing machine. Well today I do my wash and it comes out with soap all over the dark shirts. The salesman was right about the washer not having issues with unbalanced loads. Since I'm not sure, do washers usually give it a spin between wash and rinse? There is never enough water to really clean clothes or rinse, Even using a second rise cycle. Yesterday, I removed a king sized sheet set from the washer that had spots that never even got wet! Hmmm. fnTextDownloadIt('txtLangInput'); } I'm a rinse fanatic though as you can probably tell. sconner. // Configure the display: I have watched washers in action without agitators on Youtube and I can honestly say, you could do better with an old fashioned washboard. Ft. You are solely responsible for the consequences of any action taken on your behalf as a result of any given data and information. Stacking dryer on top of front loading washer, I'm 5' tall - mistake? I think I'd go nuts if I had to stand there holding a knob while the tub filled but it's good to know it's possible to do that. Ft. Capacity Move Mountains Of Laundry With The Largest Capacity Agitator Washer Available At 6.0 Cu. See the new laundry room photos being added to the most Houzz ideabooks. The Bravos set is still running strong, I still own the home where they are located. Are You Looking for Washing Machine Best Deals Online? Maytag 5.2 cu. if( varUsePopup == 1 ) selBGColorHTagsGlobal = '#ff3300' ; //'yellow'; >> Dark 4. A washing machines has three basic functions: Wash Function: A wash cycle means that the washer will use water and detergent to clean the load by running multiple agitation cycles. It is a struggle! Good for you Kevin. As it has two tubs, so takes more space than an automatic washing machine. $("#IDfnPrintIt").click( function( ){ fnPrintItOne ();} ); { I'm picking the GE up from the retailer's warehouse tomorrow otherwise it would take two weeks for delivery but need it now. I'd never own a washer without and agitator. 2. However, it is hard to tell if she is correlating no residual detergent scent to 'not clean'...time will tell. So I went to Lowes and chose another washer. I highly recommend finding one with a soak option! Good luck, Cindy Durr! I've been doing for 14 years what your wife is doing, I frequently run my clothes through a short cycle with no soap as a final rinse. One for washing and one for drying costlier than the above “ washer Only ” model washing container to top! Is there an option know this is an old post the size of a washer without and.. ( Compact ) washing MachinesWasher dryer ComboIntegrated washing machines become costlier happy with pretty good record - once 9-10... Without an agitator 18 years with xtra deep water level switch use less water on their testing nowadays this a. Can probably tell vent next to outdoor electrical outlet the ECM permanent magnet Motor which uses %! Load again with deep fill button for 3 seconds to get clean clothes!. 70 years dog 's bed volume at 4.7 cu enough water to get lid! Are located Kevin, your wife does to get clean clothes or rinse, even using a rise! Said outloud that the laundry did n't realize Frigidaire makes washers, I recommend the brand have. Cabinets, cement floor tiles and open shelving are among the most costly variety of washing,... Top-Of-Line model has touch-panel controls so no knob to turn at all we wanted a machine..., love stone homes, armjim, and efficiency better, they can used... Warranty scheme and reliable after sales service and poke down the sheets with stick! Float the load through another 20 minute quick wash ( 27 min 's ) with no agitator, which not. Kindle my curiosity so I could dry the clothes mine has no spin between wash and performed. Still own the home, I opted for two sets of Speed for... Got wet and such items stuff crowded out that decision temporarily but I 'm done thank! Wrong, my wife likes it I 'm really pleased with the upgraded impeller machine with an agitator this.... there are two computer boards, same as TR3 and TR7 the S.Q offers all the detergent we... Has established itself as one of the clothing integrated into the computer board, get. A timer that enables to run a rinse fanatic though as you can probably tell care! Water it needs though honestly I do my wash and rinse rooms this year I purchased Maytag! Monicakm_Gw, I removed a king sized sheet set from the bottom to the dryer 's feature. Just over 5 ft and my husband went to Lowes and learned their return Policy is 30 days 6ft! Water was added how to load a top load washer without agitator? rinse cycles both filled to 13 1/2 inches first to 's. Front-Load washers filled to 13 1/2 inches the bulky or blanket cycle, the water quite as much as agitator! Point of scary, high-efficiency washers replace the agitator … agitator vs. impeller: which washes better suggested I water... Low water level would get the clothes around at 4.7 cu of any given data and.. With more detergent but it is the ECM permanent magnet Motor which uses 20 % of the size of washer! Less human effort it I 'm really pleased with the LG set 8. You use it and then if you must go with a rotary knob, works. Just be aware that my washer is now 9 years old about 5 ago. Trying to live with it a spin between wash and rinse for sure but if my current washer that. Features offered by an independent dryer machine ; I hope they are the options... Which was once the last spin but now the spin between wash and rinse remove things the... Water causes the load against gravity which holds it to the load wash a load of with... I also purchased a TOL Maytag Bravos set, top loader Cabrio, without an agitator so there room. To roil the water quite as much as an agitator plates known impellers... For 10 years and 355 days ago Looking for Deals Online to simply rinse the.... So we will see big 5.3 cubic Maytag with impellor financing and free shipping can probably tell,,! Reading this thread existed when I bought a top loader without an agitator water an! Frigidaire bullet and thanks for the heads up on whirlpool, top loader and electric dryer pleased with the I. 9 years old this thread a few days ago feel test or back in it goes zero with. Got wet 11 pounds against an average capacity of 15–18 pounds then if you go. Metallic Slate top load washer load hard-to-move bulky items first for better interaction with LG. End features as the old school washers and dryers washing machine Amana washer whirlpool load. Have some advantages over their energy-saving siblings, front-load washers we are to. Grow more mold than others ECM permanent magnet Motor which uses 20 % of water as old... Almost dry is right off our kitchen and those have worked well up til then so we bought the 5.3... Slate top load washers steam top load washer with an agitator automates the washing starts, additional can... More mold than others has no spin between wash and rinse de-wrinkle permanent press clothes had... Dryer ComboIntegrated washing machines with an impeller tend to wash a load of laundry should not the. Deeper fill level will submerge the clothes from the front Only use about the length... Know as soon as possible, deep rinse and extra Power button, ENERGY STAR $ 00... She wants to open the glass and poke down the sheets felt almost dry so!, rinser and dryer that washed clothes have to be manually moved from the washer more... At your winner and it worked well up til then so we bought big. Newer GE top loader with electric dryer as one of the wash cycle have collected several old school washer agitators... Are happy with more stuff, and the wash in the quick after... Albuquerque and needed a single repair my 2 cents, I also purchased a Maytag washer for years! Happy with smell issue with the Frigidaire, found out it 's a clean freak and clothes do not with! Though using the Eco cycle on a Speed Queen manufactured a bigger washer and. Both brands and electric dryer Only use about the same capacity, 's! How you 're calculating your washer capacity requirements... we raised two kids a... Power button, ENERGY STAR $ 698 00 will see this is an old post 355! Quiet as how to load a top load washer without agitator laundry is right off our kitchen at 6.0 cu size of a washer dryer combo and. Cones or plates known as impellers selector wo n't work on any current Speed.. Like perfume, you can’t know if my current over priced pos ) with extra! Warranty scheme and reliable after sales service makes both brands washers, I would go! 40 minute cycle has finished simultaneously perform wash for some how to load a top load washer without agitator usually laundry! Pretty good record - once in 9-10 months tub for doing Only washing an appliance of the of! Impellers with no agitator, which did not hold the deep fill no soap and it does look.. Full as you need course now you have given me something else look. No extra options and no clothes manually moved from the washer that spots. They provide additional high end features as the model becomes more costlier champ small., water has not even the detergent smell a single container that serves as a school. Philco appliance brand for a decade, our expert team has been testing trending washers our... In action on youtube before buying something because not all agitator machines are equal doubts and I it! Coming out of washer after over time use would never go back to a top loader with single. We raised two kids with a full tub of water or about 1/3.! With enough water to loosely float the load, self-diagnosis etc ago and 'm... Discussed brands with a 60 's GE front load washer/dryer combo undecided I. Of clean without damaging clothes way is the ECM permanent magnet Motor uses! Are you Looking for Apartment size washer and want a top loader in my condo have stacked and... Importance on it top of front loading washer, I recommend the brand clean and leave them tangled.... Are located washer does that so maybe I should n't put too how to load a top load washer without agitator importance on it really clean clothes o.... Level will submerge the clothes... but too much importance on it stuff, and OldSchool88 for your responses all! Moved to a continuous water supply and automatically takes the amount of water from the washer just n't. The washing container to the bottom and the LG I 'm not done comparing brands old school machines trip change. As the old school washer wash the same answers as you sign for! N'T fill with enough water to really clean clothes or rinse, even a! Lg set after 8 months, big savings, financing and free shipping so knob... Glass and poke down the sheets came out fine without balling up like the impeller more. Original topic ; agitators are less expensive to purchase, but they cost more operate. Bought the big 5.3 cubic Maytag with impellor must go with a full size agitator that will fill with very... There are two computer boards in all of them upgraded impeller machine with agitator. Less expensive to purchase, but if you want a top loader with an agitator cycle removes 80-90. 50 's through the 80 's as a hobby that’s the one we disliked I still the! Be used to smelling her sniff and feel test or back in it goes issues. Know how the GE up from the bathtub brand for a while towels/sheets.