Hide Auctions 20. Sort by 3 photos. Hebridean sheep are an economic and attractive primitive breed.Their distinctive attributes mean that these small, hardy sheep are highly valued by a wide range of individuals including those involved in extensive sheep farming, smallholding and environmental management schemes. £ 45. Black Welsh Mountain 1. Store 6. Kerry Hill 1. The short-tailed characteristic means that you do not need to dock the t ails: they are naturally short.. Hebridean sheep are a multi-horned breed. Badger Face Texel 1. Types. Hebridean wether’s / pet lambs / lawnmowers. Gimmers 2. Sexes. Hebridean Mutton and Highland Beef is produced in The Outer Hebrides, on the Island of Lewis and Harris, by an informal co-operative of crofters who keep their sheep and cattle in the traditional way. Hebridean Sheep Society Old Breed for New Times. Hebridean Sheep for sale in UK are listed in Powys, Sudbury, Mansfield, and other areas in UK. Find Near Postcode Login to search location Wanted 2. Hebridean 20. Category. We are extremely lucky to be able to offer you some out of this world, Hebridean Hogget. Search Hebridean Sheep For Sale Grid List. Hebridean Sheep An Ancient Breed for Modern Times Originating in Scotland the Hebridean sheep is an ancient breed they can be traced back to primitive sheep of the Iron age and are descended from stock brought over from Scandinavia by the Vikings. Hebridean sheep have relatively slender bones and a low level of fat. Hebredians tup ram lambs . Shearlings 4. Hebridean Hogget. Welcome to the Hebridean Sheep Society website. Hebridean sheep are now considered a minority breed having been rescued by the sterling efforts of the Rare Breed Survival Trust and a few dedicated landowners. Breeding 17. This results in a high proportion of lean meat on the carcass. Order By. It comes from Donna & Donald who farm at The Hirsel, Ardgay. Ewes 6. About Hebridean Sheep. Hebridean Sheep History. Jacob sheep are a hardy sheep and are considered as an unimproved or heirloom breed - this means that it has survived with little human selection. The Jacob has descended from an ancient Old World breed of sheep, although its exact origins remain unclear. Hebridean sheep primarily raised for meat and wool.The breed is originated in Scotland.Hebridean sheep are small, hardy economical black sheep which has very good wool and flavorsome mutton.. Hebridean sheep breed information. Create email alert. Hide Sold 14. Our flock prefix is "Ardoch" - We have a small farm situated on the edge of the Ochil Hills in rural Kinross-shire and rent other ground locally. We keep both two horn and multi horn Hebridean sheep and have a particular affinity to rare Top Knots. Breeds. Spotted polycerate sheep were documented in England by the mid - 17th century. Two from pedigree parents . 4 photos. Both ram and ewes are horned. Hebridean sheep is a small-sized sheep with a black face and legs.. The Hebridean is a breed of small black sheep from Scotland similar to other members of the North European short-tailed group, such as the Shetland and North Ronaldsay breeds. Species. Our sheep are a key part of our organic system. Lambs 6. They rear their Hebrideans slowly on grass and brush to give a wonderful texture and flavour. Thankfully, the quality of the wool from their fleece is once more being recognised and their numbers are increasing. We have some lovely Hebridean castrated lambs for sale… Rams 7. We are Jack and Morna Cuthbert, our flock of registered Hebridean sheep was established in 2011. The very unusual four horns can be seen in some of the sheep. Sheep 20. The sheep which were kept throughout Britain up to the Iron Age were small, short-tailed, and varied in colour. We run three separate flocks, one of pure-bred pedigree Hebridean’s, one of pure Hebridean's crossed with a Meatlinc ram (a meaty modern breed) and a third group which are 50:50 Hebridean:Meatlinc ewes, crossed with the Meatlinc. These survived into the 19th century in the Highlands and Islands as the Scottish Dunface, which had various local varieties, most of which are now extinct (some do survive, such as the Shetland and North Ronaldsay).