Should we fit carpet first or... Stairs carpet and squeaky stairs. Sep 3, 2014 - Flooring transition from the stairs to laminate or hardwood. Or the space beneath the hang can be filled in with wood. Use a tape measure to get accurate measurements of the existing riser. Laminate Flooring for Stairs. Once all of the laminate flooring is in place, you will need to fill in the exposed screw holes in the stair nosing with putty. Do it till you get to the bottom stair. Fill in the screw holes. Does anyone know a good way to fit laminate flooring around the bottom of a flight of sairs? Carpet stairs before fitting laminate at bottom of stairs? if its the bottom the only think you can do if you want it to match is when you get to the curve you will have to mitre it to fit. Set the laminate flooring transition piece over the strip so the tongue of the piece fits into the groove of the strip. Make a 3mm edge along the bottom riser and then get some expantant sealant for floors in the color of your flooring. In this video you'll see 3 easy ways how to make prep for laminate or hardwood flooring installation from MrYoucandoityourself. I have bought a house and getting crazy by the squeaky stairs. What do you think of the answers? Step 1: Measure and Cut the Bottom Riser. Pics of : How To Remove Laminate Flooring From Stairs. hey there, is this the bottom of the stairs or is it curved on every stairtred? How To End Laminate Flooring At Bottom Of Stairs ... How To Install Laminate Flooring On Stairs 13 Steps 2019 Laminate Flooring Installation Costs Prices Per How To Build Stairs A Diy Guide Extreme How To 90 Ingenious Stairway Design Ideas For Your Staircase Use a plastic putty knife to smoothly and carefully fill in the screw holes. Question for all you laminate floor experts out there. How to installing laminate flooring on stairs you can face with stair landing installation. Typically the solution at the bottom of the stairs is to use a quarter-round (Usually 3/4" thick) to cover the flooring and the bottom of the carpet. Hi in my new house we're having a laminate floor throughtout ground floor with all the antique oak edgings/scotias/door bars you can get to match. Subtract the thickness of your laminate flooring from the depth dimension, if you are planning to cover risers with laminate as well as treads. Then, apply adhesive to the board and put it in place, with the tongue facing up. How to install wood, vinyl or laminate on stairs Quick-Step planks not only look great on the floor; you can also use them to finish your staircase and create a perfectly harmonious interior. How to remove old stair nose end caps installing laminate flooring on stairs how to remove laminate flooring bob vila install laminate flooring on stairs. Before you do it, watch YouDoIt! If you live in a bungalow or live in the bottom floor flat then this won’t be as much of an an issue for you. Public Forums for the PRO, DIYer & Consumer, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Before you start laying your laminate flooring, the first step … Still have questions? Hi in my new house we're having a laminate floor throughtout ground floor with all the antique oak edgings/scotias/door bars you can get to match. Drill pilot holes and then drive each screw to ensure that the laminate doesn’t split. If you already have an over hang, it is better to remove it prior to … If you have stairs in your home, you may be wondering how to match them with your beautiful laminate floors. Then install laminate and cover expansion gap with 1/4 round molding. The problem I'm anticipating is how to fit the flooring against the riser for the bottom stair. Bring your carpet, from the stairs over the gap, if you can. Sep 3, 2014 - Flooring transition from the stairs to laminate or hardwood. Check the stair nosing to see if it will fit … Laminate flooring is an affordable staircase flooring option if you want … You can follow round with the wood beading, if you just trynot as difficult as you think. What are the challenges to installing laminate flooring on a staircase? Stair Nose. When dry, brush with a soft wire brush to get the stair carpet pile and the new strip of carpet pile to match. Most of the stairs have an overhang that may need to be cut off. You'll need some long nails to get through the carpet, so it's best to pre-drill the nail holes so you don't split the trim. Cut it so it touches the carpet and hides the gap at the bottom. Entry door. What should I do about a store that delivered but didn't install a new gas stove? Sep 3, 2014 - Flooring transition from the stairs to laminate or hardwood. Gently pound the transition piece into the strip to ensure a firm hold. Does anyone know what years the "Boutique" pattern was produced by James Chatelaine China? . Also replacing all skirtings. ... One of the kitchen end units is curved. Leave a 1mm gap around edging and fill with sealant. Cut the risers to fit. How to finish Laminate Flooring properly. Then run your laminate up 1/4" from the riser of the stairs. I don't know how you stair carpet is installed waterfall or wrapped lip. Put some adhesive on the next board and place it on top. Stairs. And if ones wider than that dont exist, how do i make one ? ? Cut a piece of hardwood according to the width of the first riser. Whether you are covering new stairs or an existing staircase, we have the laminate stairs to suit your needs. Remove the Overhang If Required. You dont use edging.... you use a template (i use some of the foam underlay as a template) and cut the wood as close as you can to the stairs and the carpet comes down and covers the very small gap. We are going to be getting a new stair carpet and new laminate flooring at the bottom of stairs. Draw yuor stair curvature to scale, on a paper, or cardboard, then draw you straight beading to scaleat a tangent to your curve, several of these intersecting around yuor stairs, draw lines through the intersections, measure these, and cut, it may need half dozen of these around the stairs, and then a bit of filler. Then it is where it is susposed to be and no worry of not meeting up to the riser later. Permalink. Whether you want to cover new stairs or renovate an existing staircase: it’s just a question of picking the flooring … Step 2: Install the Bottom Riser. You will be surprised what you can do. Lay a towel over top of the strip. Measure the width of your stair tread --- the horizontal step top --- from the wall to the outside end. I minced & sautéed 4 onions & 4 bulbs of garlic.  Now my home REEKS, even though I opened windows, sprayed, & used fans. Check for moisture levels. Or you can have laminate on the stairs and need to finish the carpet up to the top stair of laminate. The depth of most stair treads (the part you actually put your foot on) is 11 inches. I'm planning to re-lay out hallway with Quickstep as this has been recommended on these forums for areas with opposing doorways. Laminate flooring is a popular choice for the stairs and landing as it’s easy to maintain and suits most interiors. The installation of the hardwood flooring should begin at the bottom of the stairs. if its the whole stair tred then it would be easier to try and shave off the round to square and then fit your moldings. Make a 3mm edge along the bottom riser and then get some expantant sealant for floors in the color of your flooring. what edging is there for laminate up to curved bottom stair? Most often the top stair will involve installing a stair nose. but in the hall, when it gets the bottom of the stairs the last step curves at the end. Laminate Flooring On Stairs: Considerations & Installation. Do I still have to leave a 10mm gap and cover it with beading? Transition. How to remove laminate flooring bob vila how to remove old stair nose end caps and install new ones you how to install laminate flooring on stairs construction repair how to remove laminate flooring bob vila. You try it , it can be done. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. STAGE SEVEN. It can have tack strip and a lot of… Remove Existing Flooring and Underlay. Measure the depth from the front edge to the face of the vertical riser leading up to the next step. The part of the stair case that will contact the carpet will be the bottom riser. Install carpet up to molding, in 1or 2 months, and call it done. Most often you will have carpet on your stairs, and you need to remove it first. Why dont they make these fabric drawer  storage towers wider than 11.5 inches? Besides looking like wood, termites are not attracted by them, and they are easier to install. So what do I cover the expansion gap/laminate edge with? Hammer three nails along the bottom part of the board. Laminate floor around curved bottom stair (too old to reply) Simon 2005-03-25 10:48:30 UTC. Leave a 1mm gap around edging and fill with sealant. We’re here to answer your questions about installing laminate flooring on stairs. To be on the safe side, screw the stair nosing in the given place using several wood screws. Then get to the next stair and do the whole process all over again, proceeding from stage four. Whats people lookup in this blog: Removing Laminate Flooring From Stairs; How To Remove Glued Laminate Flooring From Stairs The range of laminate stairs available at Floor Monster covers every type of staircase, coming in a wide variety of colours and shades, including Richmond Park Grey and Kensington Natural Oak. Free to relocate ANYWHERE in the US, where should I go? Step 3: Measure and Cut the Tread for the Step Above. ). Laminate flooring is a great alternative to wood. Any solutions? This marks the end of the laminate floor. but in the hall, when it gets the bottom of the stairs the last step curves at the end. I've looked round for some curved edging etc. Cut the laminate stair nose molding to size on a miter saw. Now fix this to the floor either pining or glue, it will easily follow the contour of the stair. Hallway Stairs and Landing Laminate. kwfloors , Nov 18, 2017 but there doesn't seem to be any at all, nevermind one that matches. Rather than use the wood template idea (good idea but you need good hand skills), if you have a piece of the carpet that matches the stairs, then glue a long thin strip around a length of flexible plastic strip (the complete roll/sandwhich will need to be big enough to bridge the gloor gap) so that the plastci is running through the middle of a roll of carpet. Home Decor. I would pull the riser carpet off and wrap the lip with the carpet and then install you laminate. The risers need to be flush with the top of the tread so the stair nose will sit level … Discussion in 'Laminate Flooring Q&A' started by Dukescotts, Apr 18, 2017. How To Remove Old Stair Nose End Caps And Install New Ones You A flat / oblong section works best. Explore. Get answers by asking now. Move back to the transition strip. The new stair nose cannot be installed with an overhang. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. You could just cut the carpet up the thickness of the laminate floor and rip it out. The best way to finish it off is to cut the bottom riser a little short where it meets the floor. What if you scratched your tape measure belt clip on back? You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. My question is, what do I do around the bottom step of the stairs. Prepare the putty according to the instructions, making sure to mix it well. The easiest type of laminate floor boards are the type that lock in place. Don't push it tight to the floor, there may be tack strip there holding the carpet.