Easy Shrimp Tacos. Repeat the same operation for each shrimp. Spray the tops of the coconut shrimp with coconut oil spray. Serve shrimp with dipping sauce. 2- Preheat the air fryer to 200 ° C in the meantime, beat the eggs in a bowl together with a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of turmeric and pour the flour into another bowl. This low carb coconut shrimp recipe is a simple, but you could add spices or herbs to the coconut coating if you prefer. https://theendlessappetite.com/keto-coconut-shrimp-recipe-in-air-fryer Pull out air fryer (I have the 6qt size) with wire basket inside. Try the recipe as it is, then make it again with your own flourish. Creamy Skillet Chicken Cacciatore. To make this, we are going to make a dredging station of three shallow bowls. https://noplatelikehome.com/air-fryer-crunchy-panko-coconut-shrimp https://airfryerfanatics.com/air-fryer-coconut-shrimp-gluten-free BLT Tortellini Pasta Salad. November 30, 2020; Grill Momma Newsletter. Also, clean (devein) and peel your shrimp, leaving the tail on them. Let’s have fun and make something delicious together! Coat. Mix the panko and coconut flakes together and put on a separate large rimmed plate. Quick and Easy Recipes. Remove the shells from the shrimp, leaving the tail on. In a small bowl, combine mayonnaise, Sriracha, and chili sauce. Repeat until all shrimp are coated. Appetizers / Featured / Recipes / Seafood Coconut Shrimp With Dipping Sauce. Meat Lovers. https://www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/a27243773/air-fryer-shrimp-recipe Easy air fryer coconut shrimp are a great low carb appetizer. Crack the egg into a small bowl. https://airfryerrecipes.net/recipe/keto-air-fryer-coconut-shrimp https://afresherhome.com/how-to-cook-frozen-breaded-raw-shrimp-in-air-fryer Recipes. Leave this field empty if you're human: About. I’m Melissa, a food blogger and full-time pharmacist. Working one a time, dip shrimp in flour, then eggs, then coconut mixture. Prepare. Bake until golden and shrimp is cooked through, 10 to 12 minutes. Place shrimp in the basket of an air fryer and heat to 400°. air fryer coconut shrimp. https://www.diabetesfoodhub.org/recipes/air-fryer-coconut-shrimp.html https://thecrumbykitchen.com/air-fryer-crunchy-coconut-shrimp Take a shrimp, pass it first in the flour, then in the egg and finally in the mix of breadcrumbs and coconut. Work in batches as necessary. Put the flour on a large rimmed plate. Shrimp is air fried with a crunchy coconut coating and best served with a spicy dipping sauce. Remove. Place the breadcrumbs in a third bowl and combine the flaked coconut. Pat the shrimp dry gently with paper towel and then sprinkle evenly with salt. I like to lightly spray my basket with nonstick and place a piece of Parchment Paper in the lower area for an easy clean up. How to Make Air Fryer Coconut Shrimp . Coconut Cream Pie. Preheat your air fryer to 375. I live in upstate New York where I love to cook for my family and friends. https://www.yummyhealthyeasy.com/air-fryer-coconut-shrimp-recipe How to make Low Carb Air Fried Coconut Shrimp .