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CIS 3490 - The Analysis and Design of Computer Algorithms W (3-2) [0.50]

The design and analysis of efficient computer algorithms are studied. Topics which will be studied include: standard methodologies, asymptotic behaviour, optimality, lower bounds, implementation considerations, graph algorithms, matrix computations (e.g. Strassen's method), NP-completeness.)

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Posted By : Josh Gaber
Posted On : December 8, 2010

Comment :
Material greatly varies from professor to professor, but usually not coding-intensive. Some of the material is vital and fundamental, while some is very specific. Keep hold of your notes, because you never know what concepts you will need later. Important course for those in research and developers at various levels.
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Posted By : Anonymous
Posted On : October 25, 2010

Comment :
I found this course to not that much help to what I am wanting to do in Computer Science. This courses teaches about the different sorting algorithms and a lot more algebraic stuff as well. I found that this course was kinda boring to go to.
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