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CIS 3210 - Computer Networks F (3-1) [0.50]

This course covers the high-level (protocol) oriented aspects of computer networks, pecifically: application, session, transport and network layers. It includes the internet, socket-level programming, multimedia and quality of service issues. The hardware aspects (switches, LANs, modems, transmission paths) are covered at only a functional level.

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Posted By : Josh Gaber
Posted On : December 8, 2010

Comment :
Course difficulty is moderate, and evenly balanced between theory and application. Provides a strong framework for understanding computer networking. Recommended for everyone, as networking is applicable to everything in computing.
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Posted By : Anonymous
Posted On : October 25, 2010

Comment :
This course helped me understand more about how networks are formed and more about IP addresses and the other protocols that the internet has. This course was taught in a similar way to other courses, using powerpoint slides and the professor expands and talks about the slides. This method can be effective, however, it also can be very boring as well. In this case, the professor did a good job in making the class somewhat interesting.
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