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CIS 2910 - Discrete Structures in Computing II F (3-2) [0.50]

This course introduces graph theory, combinatorics and other discrete structures used in computer science, including graph representations, traversal and simple graph algorithms, trees, counting strategies, summations, and an introduction to finite probability, recursion, and finite state machine models.

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Posted By : Josh Gaber
Posted On : December 8, 2010

Comment :
Course material does not follow CIS*1910 very closely. Course is difficult if you are not mathematically inclined, and very easy if you are. Even if you have trouble completing the work, you should try to understand the concepts, because you will likely use them later.
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Posted By : Anonymous
Posted On : October 25, 2010

Comment :
This is the second part of CIS*1910. Its a continuation of an algebra-type course that can be somewhat dull to attend but you can learn a fair bit in the course. I would recommend this course to someone who lives to solve algebra problems.
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