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CIS 2430 - Object Oriented Programming F (3-2) [0.50]

This course introduces the Object Oriented (OO) approach to programming and algorithm design. Topics will include the creation and use of objects from class libraries, user defined objects, inheritance, modularity, generic code, components, collections and containers, and an introduction to OO design methodologies.

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Posted By : Josh Gaber
Posted On : December 8, 2010

Comment :
Solidly built course that teaches one of the fundamental concepts of program development. Can be challenging at times. If you have experience with Java and Object-oriented practices coming into this course, you may find it unnecessary.
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Posted By : Anonymous
Posted On : October 25, 2010

Comment :
This course was the first course that I took in Java at the university level. This course was useful and helped me learn a lot a Java and its many possibilities. However, the course was not taught in the best manner. I would recommend to take this course if you are looking for an introduction into Java and Object Oriented programming.
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