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BUS 3320 - Financial Management F,W (3-0) [0.50]

The viewpoint taken in the course is that of the senior financial officer of a business firm. The focus is on the management of cash, accounts receivable, inventory and short and intermediate term liabilities. Emphasis is placed on the analysis and forecasting of financial statements, and financial modeling for planning and controlling the growth of the business enterprise.

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Posted By : Tina
Posted On : March 8, 2011

Comment :
A lot of people find the course really hard but it's not too bad once you get the hang of it. Make sure you do read the cases ahead of class and have something written down so you can participate during discussions (participation is worth 30% of your final mark). I had Bill Moore as my prof too and he's awesome. He likes to round numbers though, but as long as it's "in the ball park" then you're good! The group project is slightly time consuming but he will help you if you ask. I enjoyed the course.
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Posted By : Ahmed
Posted On : February 3, 2011

Comment :
Some people will find the course difficult because you need to remember some of your accounting. But it's actually not too bad. Just try the cases before class and participate. You'll pickup hints on what to expect on the midterms. Remember to pick good team members for the group project due at the end of the semester because it's long and hard (that's what she said). I took it will Bill Moore. He's awesome. And hilarious! If you're lucky, he might sing your class a song.
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