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BOT 1200 - Plants and Human Use W (3-0) [0.50]

This course will examine past and present interactions between humans and plants with emphasis on major changes in civilization and cultures as a result of these interactions. The approach will be to consider several case studies of how unique structural and chemical properties of various plant organs have played a role in their use by humans. Not an acceptable course for students in B.SC. Biological Sciences Programs. Department of Plant Agriculture. (Also offered through Distance Education format.)

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Posted By : Anonymous
Posted On : March 30, 2011

Comment :
If you have Bozzo for this class, DO NOT TAKE IT. The lectures seem redundant and the way he presents information is really boring. Botany lowered my entire average and I almost fell asleep several times. Other Profs may be better but my experience shows that this class is incredibly dull.
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